Milestones of the Action include:
Kick-off meeting, where the MC, WG coordinators and SG will be defined, as well as work plan implementation and task distribution will be decided upon.

Action website will be set up shortly after the kick-off meeting (e.g. www.bio-link.eu). The website will be used as the focal point of networking between Action participants and will ensure the dissemination and exploitation of the results delivered by the Action. The site will be used to announce activities (e.g. training schools, WG meetings, conferences), facilitate communication between the participants (e.g. discussion papers, databases) and disseminate results (e.g. state-of the-art reports, review articles).

Annual meetings, where an evaluation of the activities carried out by members of each WG will take place. Presentations by invited experts, discussion of state-of-the-art reviews and knowledge transfer plans will be made during these meetings.

Networking event – to promote successful collaboration and to maximise the networking potential of the action, a professional networking facilitator will be brought in during the first of the annual meetings (e.g. http://www.idenk.co.uk/)

Training schools, the Action plans to organise two training schools in year 2 and 3. The focus of the first will be on analytical methods, while the second will concentrate on ecological modelling. – Final conference, where a comprehensive review of state-of-the-art, achievements of the action and dissemination of the results will take place.