coordination and organization

The COST Action will be coordinated by a Management Committee (MC) defined according to the “Rules and Procedures for Implementing COST Actions”.

The responsibility for the planning and execution of the activities will be delegated by the MC to a Steering Group (SG), consisting of the Chair, the Vice-Chair of the Action, the coordinators of Working Groups (WG) and the STSM manager.

The core of activities will be carried out at the WG level, where knowledge resulting from research carried out in and financed by the participating countries will be shared, reviewed and synthesised:
WG 1 Linking belowground biodiversity to ecosystem function.
WG 2 Microbial and faunal functional biodiversity in belowground food-webs.
WG 3 Belowground biodiversity in plantations and tree crops.
WG 4 Functional diversity in forest models.

Each WG will be coordinated by a WG coordinator, helped by two vice-coordinators, one of which will be an early-stage scientist. Further, the participation of early-stage scientists in the activities of the WGs will be encouraged through STSMs. Alongside coordinating the work of the respective WG, each WG coordinator will be responsible for reporting the work progress to the SG.
The coordination of activities will be implemented through annual WG meetings, where state of the art reports and other activities will be initiated, organised and eventually reviewed.